Committee for Internal Evaluation

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Professional and Training Accreditation Committee

Ethics Committee for Human Research


Bruno Sepodes – Pharmacist, Professor of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy at FFUL and Vice-chair of the Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) of the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

Isabel Rivera – Pharmacist, Professor of Biochemistry at FFUL and Researcher in the area of Hereditary Metabolism Errors

Manuel Caneira – Doctor (Plastic Surgeon), Guest Professor at FFUL in the area of Clinical Trials and Member of INFARMED’s Evaluation Committee
João Cordeiro – Guest Professor of Health Law at the National School of Public Health
Mário Miguel Rosa – Doctor, Professor of Clinical Pharmacology and Neurology at Lisbon University Faculty of Medicine and Portuguese member of the EMA Scientific Advice Working Party
Isabel Portugal – Pharmacist, Professor of Microbiology at FFUL and Researcher in the field of Tuberculosis
Erica Viegas – Hospital Pharmacist at the Lisbon West Hospital Centre

Calendar of meetings – 2019

| Requerimento
| Ficha descritiva – estudos observacionais
| Ficha descritiva – ensaios envolvendo experimentação humana observacional
| Despacho n.º 7173/2018 – Criação da CEISH

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Joint Comission

Commission for Privacy Policy

Commission for Health and Safety at Work

The Health and Safety at Work Committee aims to ensure the conditions that protect the safety and physical and mental health of staff at FFUL, and to inform and train staff in aspects of health and safety at work.

Coordinator: Ana Margarida Monteiro Madureira Fernandes
Vice-Coordinator: Maria do Rosário Beja de Figueiredo Gonzaga Bronze

Current Members:
António José Infante Alfaia
Paula Cristina Guerreiro Nobre
Quirina Alexandra Pinto dos Santos Costa

Order No. 5226/2016


Council for Evaluation Coordination

Council for Coordination of Teaching Staff Performance Assessment

Animal Welfare Unit

The Animal Welfare Body (ORBEA) is an advisory body established for the purpose of promoting animal welfare, issuing opinions, monitoring the use of animals in scientific research and ensuring ethical compliance and conformity with animal welfare rules when researching and teaching at FFUL.

President: Maria Beatriz da Silva Lima
Maria Manuela de Jesus Guilherme Gaspar
Maria Leonor Martinho Ferreira Meisel
Maria Cristina Crespo Ferreira da Silva Marques
Maria João Carlos da Silva Gama
Maria Luísa Lopes Maio Ribeiro de Andrade Mateus
Sandra Isabel Dias Simões
Maria Eugénia Meirinhos Cruz

| Order No. 02/2016 – Creation of ORBEA
| Order No. 04/2016 – Appointment of ORBEA Members
| Regulation

| Request for Advice – ORBEA Form
| Request for Advice – Annex I
| Non-Technical Project Summary
| DGAV Form