The Faculty of Pharmacy of the Universidade de Lisboa is committed to Quality. The Quality Management System (SGQ-FFUL) is implemented to its teaching, research and support services processes, in compliance with the European quality standards and relevant legislation.

Front and centre to the institution’s core activities is a continuous improvement of processes and procedures and the effectiveness of decision-making.

The structure of the SGQ-FFUL is embodied in the Quality Manual (portuguese version).

Quality Management System

The structure of the SGQ-FFUL is embodied in the Quality Manual.


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Última atualização: 04/12/2023

Institutional Assessment

In 2017, having closed the first complete cycle of assessment/accreditation of the study programmes in operation, A3ES began the process of Institutional Assessment, which focused on the quality of the performance of the Institution as a whole, as well as on each of its organic units.


Final Result

Universidade de Lisboa accredited for a period of 6 years

Accreditation of Study Programmes

The accreditation of a study programme is a procedure by which a competent body for the assessment and accreditation of higher education verifies and formally recognises that a specific study programme leading to an academic degree (undergraduate, master or PhD) fulfils the requirements for its creation and operation.

In Portugal, the A3ES – Agency for Assessment and Accreditation of Higher Education is the entity responsible for this procedure is the responsibility of .

  • Prior Accreditation of New Study Programmes
  • Assessment/Accreditation of Study Programmes in Operation


More information

Consult the information about the registration, assessment and/or accreditation of each study programme, as well as the documents produced for the self-evaluation and external evaluation process.


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In order to comply with the legal and regulatory framework provided for in Law no. 93/2021, the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Lisbon makes available a system that allows any person related to it, to anonymously report any irregularity and/or infraction.

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