The FFUL occupies seven buildings in the University of Lisbon’s University City Campus. At the Lumiar Campus FFUL has a laboratory area dedicated to research in pharmaceutical technology.

The FFUL has two cafeterias and a canteen. In addition to these, all currently enrolled students can access the University Social Action Services canteens.

FFUL students who need accommodation can apply for a place in a University of Lisbon residence. These accommodation units, which are managed by the Social Action Services, are located throughout the city and have everything you need to make you feel comfortable.

In the area of diagnosis, prevention and clinical monitoring, the FFUL offers specialized services at its Clinical Analysis Laboratory.
The academic community also has access to the different health and wellness benefits offered by the University of Lisbon Medical Centre at the Lisbon University Stadium.

The FFUL’s calendar of events is regularly filled with cultural and sports initiatives. The choices include sports week, music festivals, theatre and academic evenings.

It is possible to access the FFUL in a number of ways. Members of the School who arrive by bicycle can leave their bikes on the racks near the entrance to the main building.