Services to Community

Provision of services (internal and external) within the framework of developing experimental protocols involving animal experiments for academia, the pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology. This vivarium is accredited by the General Directorate of Food and Veterinary.

This laboratory has a wide set of analytical methodologies that allow the provision of services abroad and to support laboratories in FFUL and other Schools of the University of Lisbon.

This laboratory offers the skills of professionals in the following areas: Hepatic Impairment and Brain Injury, Metabolisms and Genetics, Molecular Genetics, Clinical Analysis and HIV.

This laboratory provides a wide range of chemical analyses using chromatography and mass spectrometry (LC-MS / MS) techniques for organic and biological samples, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and elemental analysis (CHNSO).

Activity, coordinated by Infarmed, in the area of pharmacovigilance, by dealing with reports of suspected adverse reactions to medical products for human use within the districts of Setúbal and Santarém.

This Radioisotope Unit (gamma and beta emission) is a research and teaching laboratory licensed by the Directorate-General of Health, which includes areas for marking proteins, macromolecules and other low molecular weight compounds by chemical modification.

The FFUL Library provides a range of services, such as home and interlibrary loans, reference services, database search and offers user support.