Academic Deadlines Map – Master’s Degrees | Academic Year 2023/2024

Activities Procedure Deadline
Applications Fenix Edu Platform 1st Call: June 1 to July 14, 2023

2nd Call: August 01 to August 31, 2023

Enrolment and Registration Fenix Edu Platform 1st Call : July 25 to 27, 2023

2nd Call : September 13 to 14, 2023

Optional courses selection                                            (MCBF/ MRAMPS) Fenix Edu Platform September 09 to 11, 2023
Registration Renewal Fenix Edu Platform September 05 to 08, 2023
Registration Renewal

(Students on Deadline Extension)

E-mail October 24 to 27, 2023
Part-time Student Fenix Edu Platform Upon registration/ enrolment.
Special Statutes Fenix Edu Platform 1st semester: September 01 to 30, 2023

2nd semester: February 01 to 29, 2024

Equivalence Application Fenix Edu Platform 1st semester:  September 01 to 30, 2023

2nd semester:  February 01 to 29, 2024

Standalone Course Fenix Edu Platform 1st semester: September 01 to 15, 2023

2nd semester: February 01 to 15, 2024

Extracurricular Curricular Courses Fenix Edu Platform 1st semester : September 01 to 15, 2023

2nd semester :  February 01 to 15, 2024

Grade Improvement Fenix Edu Platform Until 3 working days before the exam date.
Master’s Degree Title Submission  

Fenix Edu Platform

Until October 15

Until  February 15  (MEF/MAC)

Master’s Degree Title Change Fenix Edu Platform The advisor or title change does not give rise to any extension. The payment of the tuition fee is not suspended, and the deadline is maintained.
Dissertation/Project/Internship                                      Report Submission


Fenix Edu Platform Applications are dispatched by the Academic Office to the Scientific Council up to the 15th working day of each calendar month.
Deadline Extension  



Fenix Edu Platform

Master students who do not owe any amount of the annual fee corresponding to the course they are attending and who, for reasons duly justified and approved by the respective Coordinator, wish to have more time to present their final work, should request an extension, being subject to the payment of a monthly fee, calculated on the basis of the annual fee of the 2nd year of the course, until the submission of the dissertation/internship report. Requests are carried out before the end of the deadline.
Student Card CGD Portal The student card is requested at the moment of the enrolment and is issued by CGD – Caixa Geral de Depósitos:

a) Banking version – the card is sent to the student’s address;

b) Non-banking – the card is sent to FFULisboa.

Parking Lot Application
Terms and Conditions

Academic Office, 02/06/2023