Special Statutes

Integrated Master in Pharmaceutical Sciences

In certain situations provided for in the legislation, the student may enjoy special benefits, provided that he proves that he meets the necessary conditions to apply for the respective status.

Governing Law: Order No. 5/2020 – Special Statutes

FFUL students may request the following special statuses:

  • Students who are Pregnant, Parents of Newborns and Infants;
  • Higher Education Leaders;
  • Student Workers;
  • Military Students;
  • Professional, Mixed or Volunteer Firefighter;
  • Practicing a Religion;
  • Student Athlete;
  • Students with Special Educational Needs;
  • Teaching Staff Career Statute (ECDU).

Required documentation: check the information.


Consult the Academic Deadlines Map.


  1. Consult the Order No. 5/2020  and its annex
  2. Gather the documentation required for the special status intended.


  • Read the Application Guide – MICF.
  • Apply in the Fenix-Edu Platform during the period above according with the steps set out in the Application Guide (MICF), attaching the required documentation.

Only applications properly instructed with the required documentation will be considered.

Students can consult the results of the applications for Special Statutes in their area of the FénixEdu Portal.

Students Office: academicos@ff.ulisboa.pt or in person during the current working hours.

Master Programmes

In certain situations under the laws, students can take advantage of special benefits after proving the necessary conditions to apply  to the appropriate status.

Regulation: Despacho n.º 5/2020 –  Special Status

Status Type:

  • Mothers and Parents Students
  • Students Leaders
  • Students workers
  • Military students
  • Firefighter Students
  • Religious Practitioners Students
  • Athlete students
  • Students with Special Educational Needs
  • Faculty Monitors

Required documents: check the information.

Application Requirements: Students should be enrolled in a master’s degree course at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Lisbon.


1st Semester: September 20 to October 21, 2019
2nd Semester: 1 February to 20 February 2020


To apply to the worker-student status, students should access the Phoenix Platform and, on the application tab, fill in the correspondant status.

To request another type of status, students should email to: posgraduados@ff.ulisboa.pt, with the required documents.