The multidisciplinary work of researchers from FFUL, led by Rui Moreira, was selected to illustrate the cover of the most recent September issue of ChemMedChem journal, from the Chemistry Europe Group. The article reports the development of a library of antimalarial compounds, based on the optimization of the structure-activity relationship, and exploring a multicomponent reaction for the synthesis of new indole compounds. The lead compound resulting from this study revealed promising activity against the blood stage of the parasite’s life cycle, in comparison with other structurally similar compounds, which can inspire new developments from this exploratory project. Five authors from FFUL are involved in this publication, in collaboration with Instituto de Higiene e Medicina Tropical, Instituto de Medicina Molecular and Universidade de Aveiro. This study was develop by a group of resseachers whose members are: Gustavo da Silva, André F. S. Luz, Denise Duarte, Diana Fontinha, Vera L. M. Silva, Filipe A. Almeida Paz, Ana M. Madureira, Sandra Simões, Miguel Prudêncio, Fátima Nogueira e Artur M. S. Silva.