The Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Lisbon, Professora Beatriz da Silva Lima, gave an interview to Visão magazine last May, as part of the special edition on education ‘Masters & MBA – Training with a vision of the future!’.

The development of strategies to promote health and the design and development of medicines and other health products as instruments to prevent, diagnose, mitigate and treat disease is the common denominator of FFUL’s master’s programmes.

The Dean reflected on how FFUL, with its training offer, provides ‘a valuable tool to respond to the challenges posed to professionals in a global society that is increasingly centred on health and the economy.’

‘We prepare competent professionals, trained to drive innovation and growth in their respective fields, capable of contributing to technical-scientific progress and the well-being of society in general.’


Read the interview here.



Photo: Henrique Casinhas / Visão