PhD Advanced Course Advanced Topics in Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology

The advanced specialization course in Medicinal Chemistry and Chemistry Biology is intended to frame the training of students who have been admitted to the PhD program in Pharmacy. It is a highly flexible programme covering a wide range of courses taught by chemists, pharmacists, biologists and industrial medicinal chemists. It provides a strong foundation in core chemistry, supplemented by specialist knowledge of medicinal chemistry and chemical biology.


Course Coordinator

Rui Moreira


Assessment of the course consists in the preparation and submission of a research project, 10 000
characters long (including spaces). Students are grouped to build multidisciplinary teams. Each group
works throughout the week on a research project that should reflect the topic of the course, including
methodologies and strategies to solve an innovative research question. The project is expected to
adhere to the following general structure: a) Title; b) Conceptual hurdle and innovative idea to be
tested; c) Plan and methods: d) Relevance of the project (scientific and social impact).
The students will select a broad topic of research in Medicinal Chemistry/Chemical Biology and are
expected to propose a specific project. This project will be evaluated according to the following
criteria and weight: a) Novelty and relevance (30%); b) approach to the problem (40%); c)
multidisciplinarity of the research plan (30%).

Registration and Fees


The registration is through the FenixEdu Platform until February 02, 2023.

Registration Guide (Portuguese or English)

Tuition Fee:

  • Registration with evaluation: 125€
  • Registration without evaluation: 100€

This course is free for 1st year PhD students of FFUL.