Animal Facilities

The Animal Facilities of FFUL is a conventional facility for the housing of laboratory rodents (rats and mice). It is licensed by the National authority, “Direção Geral de Alimentação e Veterinária” (DGAV). All experimental protocols conducted in the Animal Facility are previously submitted to the Animal Welfare Board (ORBEA – Órgão de Bem-Estar Animal) at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the Universidade de Lisboa for further approval by DGAV, the competent national authority responsible for implementing the legislation for the protection of animals for scientific purposes.


The FFUL is a signatory of the Transparency Agreement on Animal Research in Portugal. It is a joint initiative of the European Animal Research Association (EARA) and the Portuguese Society of Sciences Laboratory in Animals (SPCAL), which brings together all Portuguese teaching and research institutions using laboratory animals.

Animal testing at the Animal Facilities of FFUL has contributed to advances in pharmaceutical and biomedical research. A number of animal models are established and under routine use. They include biodistribution and toxicity studies, animal models of infection, acute and chronic inflammation, tumours, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, neurodegenerative diseases.


Every year, a number of FFUL researchers, with DGAV accreditation for animal experimentation, in partnership with SPCAL organize a Postgraduate Course on Laboratory Animal Sciences – Category B (Theoretical –Online and Practical). The practical component of this course takes place at the Animal Facilities of FFUL.


The rodent Animal Facilities of FFUL offers services for the scientific, pharmaceutical and biotechnology communities. The facility can house about 500 rodents (rats and mice) in different labs designed for experimental protocols, including surgical procedures and metabolic studies.

This unit is committed to the 3Rs principle: Replacement of the use of animals by alternative methods wherever possible, reduction of the number of animals used and refinement of experimental methods and animal handling techniques.


The prices of the services provided depend on the experimental protocol, the animal species and the duration of the study.