Structural Analysis Lab

The Structural Analysis Lab is part of the Portuguese Mass Spectrometry Network (RNEM), created through the National Programme for Scientific Equipment Renewal (PNRC)/ FCT. Thus, collaboration is maintained with several national research institutions in the fields of chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacology and medicine.



This service carries out high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), ultra-high-performance liquid chromatography (UPLC), mass spectrometry (MS), HPLC-MS/MS, and UPLC-MS/MS analyses.

The Lab is equipped with two triple quadrupole mass spectrometers with atmospheric pressure ionization sources (ESI and APCI).


Our services include:

  • Measurement of molecular masses of polar and nonpolar compounds, in positive and negative mode, with a detection range from 50 to 2000 m/z;
  • Routine chromatographic analysis for separation, identification, and quantitation of polar and nonpolar compounds;
  • Analysis of complex samples;
  • Development, implementation, and validation of HPLC and UPLC methods.



This service performs high-performance liquid chromatography coupled with high-resolution mass spectrometry (HPLC-HRMS). The mass spectrometer (Q Exactive™ Plus) is a hybrid quadrupole-orbitrap type with an electrospray ionization (ESI) source.

Our services include:

  • Determination of exact molecular masses in positive and negative mode with a precision below 3 ppm;
  • Detection range from 50 to 6000 m/z, covering the detection of small molecules and biomolecules.


The LAE’s mission is to provide analytical support in the area of mass spectrometry which can be associated with liquid chromatography techniques. The values shown in the following table take the customer’s affiliation into account. The IVA (VAT) tax is not included (current rate: 23%).

Analysis Type RNEM




Other institutions


HPLC-MS 48 72 96
HPLC-DAD-MS 60 90 120
HPLC-MS/MS 60 90 120
HPLC-DAD-MS/MS 80 120 160
UHPLC-MS 96 144 192
UHPLC-MS/MS 120 180 240
HPLC UV-Vis 40 60 80


Analysis Type RNEM


Universities (€/hour) Other institutions (€/hour)
LRMS Spectrum 10 15 20
LRMS/MS Spectrum 16 24 32
HRMS Spectrum 20 30 40


For FFUL analyses, please access:


1. The costs assume that the equipment is operated by LAE technicians.;
2. Costs include consumables needed for sample analysis (vials, filters, reagents, etc.).
3. Costs do not include:
  3.1. Acquisition of a dedicated chromatographic column. For longer-lasting jobs, a dedicated column must be purchased. For other situations, a column from LAE may be used.
  3.2. Sample preparation. Samples must be delivered as described in MS Information. If necessary, LAE may propose an additional budget for sample preparation.
  3.3. Optimization, implementation and validation of the chromatographic method. A quote must be requested by email.
  3.4. Treatment of results. It must be subjected to an agreement established in the contract for the execution of the work and according to the corresponding quote.

1. Please read MS Information.
2. Fill out the LC-MS Request Form.
3. Hand in the sample at LAE, identified according to the described in LC-MS Request Form.


This service can accurately determine the percentage of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulphur and oxygen and the purity of a compound.

Information about price will be available soon.

This service is temporarily unavailable. For more information please contact


This service performs analysis and structural characterisation of small molecules in routine work, research and teaching.

Services will be subject to a prior quote. Prices will depend on the number of samples, their preparation and type and duration of the NMR experiment.

Contact us for a quote.

  1. Complete the request form.
  2. Hand in the sample(s) and respective request form at the Structural Analysis Lab.
    Samples must:
  • be fully soluble and delivered in labelled 5 mm NMR tubes (length 15 cm)
  • be dissolved in 600 μL of deuterated solvent (CDCl3, CD3OD, DMSO, D2O, etc.)


Building H, Floor -1, Room C.1.1


Phone: +351 217 946 400  (Ext. 14396)

Laboratory Managers
Maria do Rosário Bronze
Noélia Duarte

Laboratory staff
Andreia Bento da Silva
Bruno Gonçalves
Fábio Santos
Paula Alves Marques