PhD Thesis in International Cotutelle

Qualifying conditions

A jointly supervised PhD (known as cotutelle) offers PhD students the opportunity to be jointly enrolled at the University of Lisbon and a foreign University.

The PhD student is jointly supervised by academic staff at each institution and upon successful completion of the PhD, the student is graduated from both universities with a PhD and receives a diploma from both universities with the information that the thesis was elaborated in cotuttelle.

The PhD student:

  • must have an approved PhD research proposal at both universities;
  • must have a supervisor in each university and respective acceptance letter;
  • must be formally enrolled at each university and therefore pay the tuition fees.

Cotutelle Agreement

The agreement for the elaboration of a PhD Thesis in International Cotutelle must:

  1. Be written in Portuguese or English, French, Spanish or Italian.
  2. Be approved and signed by the heads of the institutions involved or their representatives, by the Presidents or Deans of the Schools involved, the supervisors and the doctoral candidate.
  3. Include:
    • Identification of the higher education institutions involved and their respective legislation and regulations;
    • Identification of the student;
    • Main scientific area and specialty;
    • Identification of the thesis tittle;
    • Identification of supervisors;
    • Duration and periods of permanence;
    • Registration and tuition fees;
    • Language and place of PhD examination;
    • Nomination and composition of the jury;
    • Responsibilities of each institution in the travel expenses of the members of the jury;
    • Degree and diploma;
    • Publication, exploitation and protection of the theme of the PhD thesis;
    • Social protection and insurance;
    • Visa application, travel expenses and student housing.



Regulation for PhD Thesis in International Cotutelle (Portuguese)

Agreement for the elaboration of a PhD Thesis in International Cotutelle: portuguese version | english version


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