PhD in Pharmacy

Research Methodology



Learning outcomes

At the end of the course Research Methodology, the PhD holder in Pharmacy must demonstrate:
a) Systematic understanding capacity in a scientific discipline;
b) Competencies, skills and research methods in a scientific discipline;
c) Ability to conceive, design, adapt and perform significant research respecting the requirements imposed by the academic quality and integrity;
d) Have completed a set of original research work that has extended the frontiers of knowledge and has been disseminated in national or international journals with referees;
e) Be able to critically analyse, evaluate and synthesize new and complex ideas;
f) Be able to communicate with their peers, the academic community and society in general on the area of specialization;
g) Be able to promote, both in academic and/or professional contexts, technological, social or cultural progress in a knowledge-based society.


The contents are diverse and specific to each student and are in full agreement with their PhD thesis plan, work program and respective time schedule.