PhD in Pharmacy

Research Methodology Seminar II



Learning outcomes

The objective of the course Research Methodology Seminar II is to provide the students with competencies, skills and deep knowledge in the main research area of the doctoral thesis, through advanced literature search and conception of a research plan of the doctoral thesis. It is centred on organization and discussion of the doctoral research plan interdisciplinary and translational in nature, with emphasis in target discovery, drug design, pre-clinical development, or drug safety, bridging the translational gap from discoveries on disease targets and mechanisms into novel diagnostic and therapeutic agents. It also includes the preparation and oral presentation of a comprehensive seminar on the topic of the doctoral thesis, with reference to the state of the art in the specific scientific area.


The PhD in Pharmacy promotes specialized scientific training, design and development of original and creative research, critical analysis of new and complex ideas, communication with peers and society at large and promotion of technological, social and cultural progress in a knowledge-based society. In this course, the topic of the seminar should be related to the doctoral thesis plan, providing together a complete and comprehensive overview of the state of the art and experimental methodologies required to solve an original and relevant question.