Master in Pharmaceutical Engineering

Pharmaceutical Facilities Design I



Learning outcomes

Design Project of an industrial unit involved in the production of pharmaceuticals, integrating knowledge from different disciplines of the curriculum of the Master in Pharmaceutical Engineering.
Familiarize students with the methodologies of industrial project, providing an integrated view of the simultaneous operation of subunits of a process, whether in steady state, or at start-up or stop conditions. Confer skills for the practical exercise of the functions of Pharmaceutical Engineering, including the design of pharmaceutical units through additional knowledge taught.


Development of a Project of an unit of the pharmaceutical industry, based on market data obtained during Pharmaceutical Engineering course. Definition of the production process, according to relevant formulations. Preparation of mass and energy balances, concerning the major equipment. Developing a Process Diagram (PFD). Preparation of Specification Sheets and choice of base-equipment. Analysis of the economic viability of the investment.