Instrumental Laboratory

This laboratory offers a wide range of testing methodologies for:
Quality control
Technical support for manufacturing processes
Product licensing

These areas are of use in sectors such as:
Pharmaceutical industry
Agro-food Industry
Chemical industry
Cosmetic industry
Environmental control

The Instrumental Lab also provides support for the activities of the FFUL and other schools at the University of Lisbon.


Development and performance of instrumental methods of analysis.

Development of analytical protocols in raw materials, finished products, impurities analysis, stability studies and method validation tests.

The available instrumental methods include:
High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)
Gas chromatography (GC)
Atomic absorption spectrophotometry (flame / electrothermal atomisation / hydride generation)
Flame emission spectrophotometry
UV-Vis spectroscopy
IR spectroscopy
Karl-Fisher method

The Instrumental Lab allows us to provide highly versatile services in terms of methodologies and techniques, in a constant endeavour to meet goals.

The prices of tests depend on:

  • the analytical techniques used;
  • the sample preparation method;
  • the number of samples;
  • the need to achieve specific standards;
  • the number of hours taken by each test.

Interested parties can request a quotation before submitting a request for tests. Quotations are based on the purpose, specific needs, number of samples and testing techniques. The Instrumental Lab always informs clients in advance of the terms of the tests.

  1. Complete the test request form with the required information.
  2. Send the form to
  3. Post or hand in the sample(s) to the Instrumental Lab.


Contact person: Maria Luísa Mateus

Building F – Floor 1, Laboratories 111 and 112

Phone: +351 217 946 400 (Ext. 14342 | 14216)