Call for the award of a Research Grant (Bolsa de Investigação) – Aviso n.º BI/18/FARM-ID/2023

Código: BI/18/FARM-ID/2023

Designação: Call for the award of 1 (one) Research Grants within the scope of the project EXPL/QUI-OUT/1288/2021, titled “ChemSlotProtein: Expanding the druggable universe to unlock chemists’ creativity”, funded by Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, I.P.

Categoria Profissional: Bolseiro de Investigação

Carreira: Investigação Científica

Number of vacancies 1

Data-limite: 9/10/2023

Unidade Orgânica: FARM-ID - Associação da Faculdade de Farmácia para a Investigação e Desenvolvimento

Destinatários: Bolseiros

Type of Contests: Calls for Fellows (FARM-ID)

Aviso n.º BI/18/FARM-ID/2023 – Portal Euraxess

Applications must be sent in non-editable format (PDF), to the address, containing the identification of the above-mentioned notice (Notice No. BI/18/FARM-ID/2023). Applications in paper format will not be accepted.

No document that should have been submitted in the application phase can be submitted after the deadline set in the opening notice. Failure to comply with the deadline set for the submission of the application, as well as the lack or late submission of documents referred to in this point will determine the exclusion from the competition.

The competition is open from September 25th to 9th October 2023 (10 working days).