The evaluation methodology of each curricular units constant in the master’s course should take into account the nature of its scientific content, the competences to be developed and the teaching and learning methods.

The evaluation rules of the curricular units are contained in the syllabus presented at the beginning of each school year, approved by the Pedagogical Council.

The evaluations are held in two periods: Normal and Appeal, according to the schedule approved for each course.

If the student fails at the normal period, he will be automatically enrolled at the appeal one.


Grade Improvement

Successful students in a curricular unit can use the next two assessment periods (Standard and/or Appeal) for Grade Improvement and this can only be done once in the student’s school career.

The registration for improvement is made, up to three days before the date of the exam, on the FenixEdu Portal and can be cancelled up to two working days (up to 16h00) before the exam. To do so, students should contact the Academic Services at academicos@ff.ulisboa.pt.

This registration has a cost of 15€ per curricular unit.


Appeal Period

Students who have up to 2 curricular units to finish the curricular component of the course can benefit from a Special exam period.

The enrolment in this Special exam is made through Fenix Portal of FFUL.


Special Season (Internship Limitations)

Enrolment: Consult the academic deadlines map.

For registration, students must send and email to academicos@ff.ulisboa.pt, within the deadlines.

Target students:

Students who lack, at most, two curricular units restrictive of internship, for the completion of the curricular component of the Integrated Master’s Degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences – art. 33, c), iii) of the Regulations of the Integrated Master’s Degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Conditional Course Units:

Pharmacokinetics and Biogenetics
Pharmaceutical Deontology and Legislation
Pharmacy Laboratory
Pharmacy Practice
Pharmacotherapy I
Pharmacotherapy II
Public Health
Applications to improve marks will not be accepted.

The dates of each exam will be announced as soon as the calendar is made available by the Pedagogical Council of FFULisboa.

Calendar of Examinations of the Special Season – Stage Limits.


Special Season (July)

Enrolment: Consult the Academic Deadlines Map.

Students must register through Fenix system.

The special season is only for:

  • students who lack 3 curricular units for the conclusion of the curricular component of the MICF.
  • students holding a special status, up to a limit of 3 curricular units. Registrations for grade improvement are not accepted.

Special Season Calendar is published on the Exams Calendar (updated on 11/03/2024).

More information available at Regulamento Geral do Ciclo de Estudos conducente ao Grau de Mestre da FFULisboa (in Portuguese).

On the day of the assessment, students must collect the signature of the teacher in charge and submit the Attendance Statement on the Fenix Portal in order to be signed with a digital mobile key and returned to students by the same means.

To do so, they should follow the following steps: Personnel < Services < Requisitions < Create < Requisition Type < Attendance Statement < MICF Course < Create.