Advisory Boards

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is the FFUL’s advisory body and will include up to six individuals of recognized merit, appointed by the Director.

President: Maria Beatriz da Silva Lima

Interdepartmental Coordination Council

The Interdepartmental Coordination Council is responsible for advising the Director on the preparation and implementation of key strategic options.

Term: 2020-2024

President: Maria Beatriz da Silva Lima

Presidents of FFUL Departments:
João Manuel Braz Gonçalves (Pharmacy, Pharmacology and Health Technologies)
Rui Ferreira Alves Moreira (Pharmaceutical Sciences and Medicines)

Strategic Council

The Strategic Council is a consultative FFUL body consisting of external individuals appointed by the School Council.

Term of office: 2023-2026

Ana Sottomayor Sampaio
José Chaves
Luís Lourenço
Maria do Rosário Zincke dos Reis
Maria Teresa Luciano
Marta Marcelino
Ricardo Batista Leite
Rui Rodrigues
Sérgio Alves
Susana Lopes