The Mobilizing Agenda TEC4GREEN aims to prepare the agro-industrial sector (food and forest) for future technological and environmental challenges, minimizing environmental impact (soil, water, and atmospheric) and promoting sector sustainability.

Project title: TEC4GREEN

Project code: 02/C05-i01.01/2022.PC644948561-00000052

Region of intervention: Portugal

Beneficiary entities:  There are 18 beneficiary entities, acording to the project’s information . FFUL is one of the beneficiaries.

Start date: 01.07.2022

End date: 31/12/2025

Total eligible cost:15 960 000,00 €

Regional public financial support:

Please see the project’s information, to know all the geografic areas with financial suport.

The agenda aims to develop and industrialize a new generation of hybrid and biological products for the protection and nutrition of agricultural crops, demonstrate Digital Farming technologies for precision agriculture, and implement Agronomic Decarbonization technologies for carbon neutrality. Additionally, it aims to promote the treatment and valorization of water streams and agricultural by-products for green energy production and circular economy.