Maria Luísa Teixeira Azevedo Rodrigues Corvo

Maria Luísa Teixeira de Azevedo Rodrigues Corvo


Assistant Researcher


M. Luisa Corvo (MLC) works in the development of drug delivery systems (liposomes) for macro- and low-molecular weight drugs to treat oxidative stress related diseases, which proved to be attractive delivery systems for the treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis. MLC was involved in the design of different type of nanoparticles which allows the use of delivery systems in other situations namely in Ischemia/reperfusion or cancer. These systems have shown favorable behavior in terms of biodistribution and pharmacokinetics. MLC woks is the development of animal models by studying the mechanisms of action of newly developed formulations that work in these models and their correlation with biomarkers.


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