Maria Eduarda Romãosinho de Almeida Esteves Mendes


Assistant Professor

Research Unit

Research Institute for Medicines (iMed.ULisboa) - Medicinal Chemistry Group

biographical note

E. Mendes concluded a PhD in 1998 in the field of Medicinal Chemistry at the ULisboa. Since 1998, she is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy of ULisboa (FFUL). Mendes’ research has focused on the development of novel chemical delivery systems, including a strategy to increase the selectivity of several hybrid molecules with potential application in malignant melanoma. Another line of research in which she has been working is the development of compounds to target nucleic acids G-quadruplex structures.

ORCID ID 0000-0002-7926-8821 | SCOPUS ID 7103403420 | CIÊNCIA ID 3617-10D1-D66E


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Edifício H- C.2.11