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Liana Casquinha da Silva


Assistant Professor

biographical note

LC Silva graduated in Biochemistry (2001) at the Faculty of Sciences, Universidade de Lisboa (UL), obtained her PhD degree in Chemistry/Molecular Biophysics in 2006 at the Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), and was a post-doctoral fellow at the Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel) and at the IST (2007-2009). In 2009 she set her Molecular & Cellular Biophysics research team at the Faculty of Pharmacy, UL in the framework of Ciência and FCT Investigator Programs. Her research is focused on membrane lipids and their interplay in biological membranes, aiming at evaluating their role in membrane organization and function, and to provide the molecular tools to develop improved therapeutics.

ORCID ID 0000-0003-1311-0770 | SCOPUS ID 8282140100 | CIÊNCIA ID DB11-8C2D-AE3C


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