Joana Paiva Gomes Miranda


Assistant Professor

biographical note

Joana holds a PhD in Biochemistry (2006) from the ITQB, Universidade Nova de Lisboa (PT) and the Research Center Borstel/Leibniz Center (DE). After a postdoc at IBET (PT) focusing in Tissue Engineering and 3D liver models, in 2009 she was granted a Ciência2008 fellowship (FCT) and moved to FFUL/iMed to work with advanced 3D models for predictive toxicology and regenerative medicine. In 2015, she was awarded with and FCT researcher grant (IF2015) to pursue her research interests. In 2018 she became an assistant professor FFUL and in 2021 she established her lab at iMed. Joana is also a board member of the SPCE-TC, is the National Co-coordinator of the European Registered Toxicologist since 2017 and has served as coordinator of the toxicology section of the SPF until 2019.

ORCID ID 0000-0002-7804-4068 | SCOPUS ID 12798235300 | CIÊNCIA ID 001A-6278-C231


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