Joana Marques Marto


Assistant Professor

biographical note

Joana Marto is a team member of the NanoBB research group. Marto works focused on the development of new drug carriers (micro/nano carriers) for topical drug delivery, including cutaneous and ophthalmic administration. This research involves a multidisciplinary platform and, it is mainly based on Pharmaceutical Technology. She has several published articles, book chapters, patents and others. She has received several national and international awards and participate as investigator and researcher in several projects. Marto expertise on drug delivery systems has allowed the establishment of collaboration work within iMed.ULisboa and also with Portuguese industries.

ORCID ID 0000-0001-5523-5622 | SCOPUS ID 47361262100 | CIÊNCIA ID 891B-12E1-C2BF


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