Elsa Margarida Teixeira Rodrigues


Associate Professor

biographical note

Elsa Rodrigues holds a PhD in Molecular Biology from ULisboa. During her PhD at Maria Celeste Lechner’s lab at the FFUL in collaboration with Patrick Maurel (Unité INSERM 128), she elucidated transcriptional mechanisms involved in the regulation of liver-specific P450 genes. Elsa’s main goal is to characterize the regulatory pathways involved in brain cholesterol homeostasis, and to provide a basis for the development of innovative therapeutic approaches for neurodegenerative disorders. As an independent researcher she has secured funding for projects and scholarships in competitive calls (~600k€). She has extensive experience in supervision of under- and post-graduated students. She is responsible for the Cellular Biology and Pharmacogenomics courses in MICF and the Pharmacogenetics course in MCBF.

ORCID ID 0000-0003-1669-365X | SCOPUS ID 7102572600 | CIÊNCIA ID CE1D-5FF6-DA93


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