Elsa Maria Ribeiro dos Santos Anes

Carlos Jorge Sousa de São José


Assistant Professor

Biographical Note

PhD in molecular biology (2002), ULisboa. Doctoral and post-doctoral studies (2002-2008) on phage/bacteria molecular biology, Faculty of Sciences, ULisboa, and CNRS, France. Principal Investigator in the field of molecular microbiology (2008-2010), IMM, Faculty of Medicine, ULisboa. Professor of microbiology (2010- ), Faculty of Pharmacy, ULisboa. Member of the Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology group (2014- ), iMed.ULisboa, leading a team exploring phages and their lytic functions to devise strategies to fight infection by antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Collaborative research with the company TechnoPhage (2008- ) in the development of phage-based antibacterial agents.


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