Ana Paula Costa dos Santos Peralta Leandro


Assistant Professor with Habilitation

biographical note

Paula Leandro (PhD and Habilitation in Pharmacy, speciality Biochemistry) is an assistant professor and head of the Metabolism, Genetics and Proteins in Health and Disease group at iMed.ULisboa. Her research focus on the study of misfolded variant proteins responsible for Inherited Metabolic Disorders. Utilizing biochemical and biophysical tools she aims to characterize the variant proteins, to study the effect of small molecules on the rescue of protein conformation and to identify the stabilization mechanisms of wild-type proteins aiming to developed enzyme reposition therapies. She has been involved in national and international research projects as PI and Co-PI, and in the supervision of several post-graduate students. Since 2008 she is a SPDM Council member.

ORCID ID 0000-0002-2946-9342 | SCOPUS ID 6602522134 | CIÊNCIA ID 1610-4815-076E


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