(Re)Think Faculty of Pharmacy at Universidade de Lisboa

(Re)Thinking the Faculty of Pharmacy at Universidade de Lisboa is a project on the energy efficiency field, funded by Recovery and Resilience Plan (RRP), conceived with the ambition to keep up with the transformation of the city of Lisbon towards sustainability. this funding’s is inder de scope Investimento TC-C13-i02 – Eficiência Energética em Edifícios da Administração Pública Central” –, componente C13 do PRR (document available in portuguese version only).

Project title:  (RE)Pensar a Faculdade de Farmácia na Universidade de Lisboa

Project code:

Region of intervention: Lisbon

Beneficiary entities: Faculdade de Farmácia da Universidade de Lisboa

Approval date: 26 de maio de 2023

Start date: 

End date: 2025

Total eligible cost: 4.922.860,52€


This project aims the energetic recovery of Faculty’s of Farmacy buildings with the goal of reducing cost with energy and water. Is thus intended to contribute to: