Quality Management Systems II

Quality Management Systems II



Learning outcomes

To provide a working knowledge of what TQM (Total Quality Management) is, how it relates to the current trends in Operational Excellence (OpEx), QbD (Quality by Design), Lean and Six-Sigma (L6S) thinking, modern Quality Systems and Culture Excellence programs taking root in different fields under the paradigm of Industry 4.0.


TQM is based on 8 principles or building blocks. Each of the 7 weeks available will cover one or more of those principles, from a TQM and OpEx perspective.

  1. Customer/Client/Patient-Focus
  2. Total Employee Involvement
  3. Process-Centric
  4. Integrated Systems Approaches
  5. Strategic and Systematic Approach
  6. Continual Improvement
  7. Evidence-based Decision Making
  8. Communications

Advanced Topics

Examples of advanced topics include complements to/departures from Principles 3-5 with Human-centric initiatives that have led to Culture & Knowledge Excellence initiatives (i.e., Quality Culture and Knowledge Management); and risk-based approaches to decision making (i.e., Risk Management) as important add-on to Principles 7 & 8.