Pharmaceutical Engineering II

Pharmaceutical Engineering II



Learning outcomes

Provide students with a thorough overview of project activities that precede the implementation of a new plant. Check competence at different stages of preliminary implementation of a new production unit, namely Market Analysis, using of international databases, development of energy and mass balances, choice and use of utilities and economic analysis of the viability of industrial investments.


Introduction to Engineering Market Analysis. Methodologies for estimation of nominal capacity of an industrial plant. Selection of a site for plant implementation. Bibliographic search and analysis of available technologies. Data base (Eurostat) consulting. Patent content analysis and the predesign of the process. Design of PFD and specification of an industrial plant. Basics of economic evaluation of industrial projects: investment calculation, production costs; evaluation of return on investment.

Practical content: Preliminary Project of an industrial plant, including Market Analysis, bibliographic search on

production processes, process and site selection. Definition of the nominal capacity to install. Detailed description of the process including preliminary diagrams. Plant localization