Master in Medicinal and Biopharmaceutical Chemistry

Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship



Learning outcomes

The course aims to enable students to understand the economic problems of innovation in the area of medicines and the value of intellectual property as a strategic factor to increase the competitiveness of products and services.
It is also intended to understand the importance of entrepreneurship, and provide a set of tools to make a link between innovation and value creation, with a focus in the development of abilities and motivation for the eventual creation of their own jobs by the students.
Students should develop skills of analysis of patents and writing them. They should also develop analysis capabilities of business opportunities including the elaboration of a business plan. Students will also be asked to discuss the topics they consider relevant to the creation of business projects.


  1. Innovation and creativity. Management of the innovation
  2. The technological system and competitiveness. National System of Science and
  3. Policies of entrepreneurship promotion.
  4. Case studies and analysis of entrepreneurship
  5. Intellectual Property Protection Intellectual property and patents – Terminology, Why have a patent? Other forms of intellectual property protection. Procedures for granting patents, the state of the art. Industrial, novelty and inventive step of the patent. – Construction of claims Markush formulas. Patent analysis. Intellectual property regulations in the University.
  6. Business constitution. Possible types of
  7. Basic notions of accounting. Balance sheet analysis, income statement and demonstration of cash
  8. Design and development of a Business