Manufacturing Sciences and Technologies I

Manufacturing Sciences and Technologies I



Learning outcomes

To introduce and apply advanced monitoring, modelling and control techniques of bioprocesses. Modelling and simulation of dynamic biosystems for: (1) for understanting / learning purposes, about the biosystem functioning principles, and (2) for process operation, supervison, control and fault diagnosis. A comprehensive exposure to multiparametric and online monitoring techniques, plus chemometrics’ techniques for multivariate process analysis and supervision is one of the most important competences obtained by students taking this course.


-Monitoring, modeling, simulation and Control:

-Types of measurements (at-line, off-line, on-line, in-line, in-situ etc)

-Quality measurements: Experimental Errors

-Univariate statistics & Exploratory multivariate data analysis

-Multivariate Data Analysis

– Regression Variables in Latentes (PLS)

-Data-Driven Non-Linear Modelling: structure and architecture of neural networks.

-Statistical Process Control: Monitoring vs Supervision

-Classical Control Strategies (PID): proportional, integral, derivative

-Advanced Control Strategies