Integrated Master in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Biology Laboratory



Learning outcomes

The main objectives of the curricular unit are:

– to learn to handle and to use correctly the optic microscope,that is, to illuminate, to focus and to take care of.
-to promote the habit of register and analyzing the information obtained in the laboratory notebook.
– to make the integration with the theoretical concepts of the curricular units Cellular Biology and Pharmaceutical Botany.


Biological safety concepts.
Microscopy. Optical light microscopes: bright field, phase-contrast and fluorescence.
Utilization of techniques for examination of prokaryotic and animal and planteukaryotic cells.
Citochemistry of the different chemical components: nucleic acids, lipids, carbohydrates, proteins, calcium and iron. Citochemistry of cellular organels in animal cells: lysosomes, mitochondria and Golgi complex.
Study of the cell cycle of animal and plant.Observation of chromosomes.Apoptosis.
The plant cell: vacuolar and plastidial systems. Study of the leaf epidermic tissue, classification of stomata and trichomes.Importance of their utilization to characterize drugs with plant origin.