The FFUL has two cafeterias and a canteen. They all serve lunch.

Cafeterias: Bar do F (Building G) and Cantinho do F (Building F)
Canteen: Dunas & Folhas (Building G)

All currently enrolled students can access the ULisboa’ Social Action Services canteens. Meals are paid by adding previously a balance to the student card (which can be done at the kiosks in the dining rooms or at any ATM). Most of ULisboa’s canteens offer meat, fish, diet and “lacto-ovo-vegetarian” meal options.


List of canteens is available at


Since FFUL is a School in the area of Health Sciences, and considering that understanding the role of nutrition in promoting and / or preventing pathologies is part of the training of the pharmacist, a few useful links are available on this page:

Nutrition Consultation at Lisbon University Stadium

Series of Lectures on Nutrition and Healthy Eating at Lisbon University Stadium

University of Lisbon “Food, Farming & Forestry (3F)” College