European PhD

The European PhD refers to a title associated to the PhD Degree conferred by European Universities. According to the Regulation for a European PhD this title can only be conferred if the candidates fulfill all the qualifying conditions.

  1. Registration as a PhD student at FFULisboa;
  2. During the academic stage in the PhD, the student has completed a minimum stay of one trimester outside Portugal in a university in another European country studying or doing research, as part of their thesis preparation;
  3. Presentation of a proof of the study or research that was carried out, as described in the previous paragraph;
  4. Existence of two favorable reports regarding the acceptance of the PhD thesis, issued by professors that belong to two non-Portuguese universities from two European countries;
  5. Participation of a member of higher education institution of a European country other that Portugal in the jury;
  6. A part of the PhD examination must be done in an official EU language other than Portuguese.

Submit the following documents at the Postgraduate Studies Office:

  • Application (written request) addressed to the Rector of the Universidade de Lisboa;
  • Statement of the period of study or research issued by the foreign university;
  • Two favorable reports regarding the acceptance of the PhD thesis.

Postgraduate Studies Office: