EstágiAP XXI

EstágiAP XXI is a programme of internships in the Goverment’s direct and indirect public administration, for those looking for their first job or a new job in their educational background.

Project Title: EstágiAP XXI – 2nd Edition

Project Code: 04/C19-i07.05/2022.P217

Region of Intervention: Portugal

Beneficiary Organisations: Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Lisbon.

Project start date: 03.01.2023

Project end date: 31.12.2023

Total eligible cost: 98 630,56€


The activity to be carried out by the trainees involves one or more of the following components:
i) IT and telecommunications;
ii) technical services and maintenance (fire centre, video surveillance);
iii) human resources and document management;
iv) personnel management;
v) academic planning and management;
vi) financial planning and management;
vii) teaching and research support.

The aim is to recruit 8 trainees, allocated as follows: – 2 internships in the Technical Services and Maintenance Area, divided between the IT and Telecommunications Centre, under the guidance of the person in charge, and the Maintenance and Security Centre, under the guidance of the person in charge of the respective Area. – 2 internships in the Human Resources and Document Management Area, divided into its many aspects (human resources; document management) and supervised by the Executive Director. – 1 internship in the Academic Area, supervised by the head of the Academic Planning and Management Centre. – 1 internship in the Finance and Assets Area, supervised by the