• To enable the acquisition of specialized knowledge or expertise from experiences and good practices abroad, as well as practical skills relevant to job performance and professional development.
  • To help build cooperation between higher education institutions and enterprises.
  • Mobility in a partner enterprise, organization or institution can materialize as short-term secondments, working visits, workshops, among others.
  • Training assignments normally last a week (5 days), but the minimum period can be 2 days (excluding travel days) or extend up to 2 months (60 days).
  • Within 15 days after returning from the mobility period, the staff member should deliver to the Academic Services (Mobility Office) of the FFUL a Declaration of Stay (DE) stating the dates of the mobility.
  • Within 15 days after the return from the mobility, the staff member must also submit an Erasmus Final Report through a link that will be provided by e-mail.


  • This action is aimed at Teaching or Non-Teaching/Technical Staff (STT) with a work contract with the Faculty of Pharmacy, regardless of its duration, who intend to undertake training, exchange experience or good practices in a Programme-eligible country.
  • It should be noted that, due to the type of contract established, scholarship recipients are not eligible to participate in this action.
  • Eligible host institutions: a higher education institution (HEI) from an eligible country or any public or private organization from an eligible country, active in the labour market or in the fields of education, training and youth.


Eligible Countries:

Member States of the European Union (EU)
· Germany

· Austria

· Belgium

· Bulgaria

· Cyprus

· Czech Republic

· Croatia

· Denmark

· Slovakia

· Slovenia

· Spain

· Estonia

· Finland

· France

· Greece

· Netherlands

· Hungary

· Ireland

· Italy

· Latvia

· Lithuania

· Luxembourg

· Poland

· Romania

· Sweden


Non-EU Member States
· Iceland

· Liechtenstein

· Norway

· United Kingdom

· Republic of North Macedonia

· Serbia

· Turkey



Have a duration of at least 2 days and a maximum of 2 months (60 days), excluding travel days.


Each year one or two calls (spring/autumn) will be available for the selection of candidates for an Erasmus+ mobility for training. The opening of the calls will be announced by FFUL by e-mail and through publication on the respective website.


Applications must include:

  • The completed Personal Form with the estimated costs based on the Erasmus Scholarship Table and signed/approved by the applicant’s supervisor.
  • A Work Programme prepared by the host institution, identifying the applicant, the work to be done and the number of days in which the training will take place.A confirmation e-mail of the applicant’s acceptance can be sent, for instance an e-mail confirming the enrolment in a training course. (Alternatively, if the mobility is for job shadowing, a Mobility Agreement should be filled in between the three parties: FFUL, candidate and host institution).
  • A short description of the goals of the mobility and the expected benefits to FFUL, prepared by the candidate.
  • A declaration of approval by the FFUL management or by the service to which the candidate belongs.

The applications are formalized in the Fénix Portal under Applications – Erasmus STAFF (Outgoing).


Selection Process:

The ULisboa Rectory will consider the distribution of the available grants among the Schools and Central Services, taking into account all the proposals submitted.

The set of proposals received will be taken into consideration by the Administration and the Vice-Rector in charge of the Erasmus+ Programme, who will select them according to the following criteria:

  • Relevance of the proposal to the department (in this case the Central Services) / School of ULisboa;
  • Priority to candidates who have never participated in the Erasmus+ Program, mobility for training action;
  • Balance between the number of proposals from each School and the Central Services.



The results of the selection will be disclosed and published simultaneously on the FFUL website and on the ULisboa website.

After the publication of the results, and whenever the Erasmus+ process is complete, the Erasmus contracts of the beneficiaries will be issued.

The contracts must be digitally signed by the participants, using the mobile digital key or certified digital signature.

After the signature of the contracts, the process of payment of the grants begins, which may take about 20 to 30 days.

Erasmus Grants

The Erasmus grant is composed of a “per diem” individual support amount and a travel band amount. Both amounts are based on the annually approved scholarship table.



  • The notion of “Travel” encompasses all necessary travel between FFUL and the host Institution.
  • The travel expenses are based on unit costs, according to the distance between the FFUL and the host institution.
  • For this purpose, the distance is calculated using the European Commission’s online tool: Distance Calculator.

The distance in kilometers will then be framed in the value range of the Erasmus grants table, to identify the value of the respective travel band.


Individual support:

  • Individual support is based on a “per diem” value defined for groups of countries, taking into account the duration of the mobility;
  • The values may correspond up to 100% between the 1st and the 14th day of mobility. From the 15th day on, the grant values will be awarded up to a maximum of 70% of the table;
  • In the attribution of Individual Support it is possible to combine days with and without a grant;
  • Up to 2 days of individual support additional to the working days may be considered, for travel days, within the limit of the average grant value indicated in the Announcement and for trips that take place on days immediately before or after, the training activities.

Grant payment:

  • The payment of the grants takes place after the signature of the Erasmus+ Contract.
  • Changes to the mobility period may require reformulation of the grant amount, as well as an addendum to the financial contract.
  • Failure to deliver the supporting documents of the mobility (Declaration of Stay issued by the host institution, travel documents and submission of the Erasmus Online Final Report), will imply the full return of the grant.

Upon Return

At the end of the mobility period, participants must deliver the Declaration of Stay with the confirmation of the mobility dates, as well as a copy of the outbound and return travel tickets.

Participants will also be required to submit an Erasmus+ Final Report through a link received by e-mail.

Additional Information

Participants are responsible for searching and contacting the destination institution to propose the realization of their training mobility. The search for training activities organized under the Erasmus+ Programme can be carried out on specific websites, such as:

Participants with Special Needs can apply for an Erasmus+ supplementary grant to cover additional costs directly related to their participation in the mobility activities: Participants with Special Needs

Participants are responsible for taking the necessary steps with their Human Resources services for travel authorization and justification.