Culture and Sport

FFUL’s calendar of events is regularly filled with cultural and sports initiatives. Most of these activities are organized by the Student’s Union of the Faculty of Pharmacy (AEFFUL). The choices include sports week, music festivals, theatre and academic evenings.

FFUL students can join:

University of Lisbon Choirs
Lisbon Academic Orchestra
TAFUL – University of Lisbon Pharmacy Academic Tuna
A Feminina – University of Lisbon Faculty of Pharmacy Female Academic Tuna
“Tubo de Ensaios” – AEFFUL Theatre Group

Studying at FFUL also allows you to enjoy the natural, historical and architectural heritage associated both with the School and with the University. Examples of this are: The Castelinho (FFUL Building B), National Museum of Natural History and Science, Lisbon Astronomical Observatory, Ajuda Botanical Garden, Tapada da Ajuda, Lisbon Botanical Garden, Tropical Botanic Garden, Kaleidoscope, Portugal Pavilion, Egas Moniz Museum, and many more.

In the field of sport, the AEFFUL has men’s and women’s teams basketball, futsal and volleyball teams. Some of these teams compete in university championships. FFUL students interested in attending training should contact AEFFUL directly.

Useful Links:

AEFFUL sports teams
Lisbon University Stadium