Bio-Hub – National R&D Project

FFUL, a Vector B2B, LX BIO e a TechnoPhage, signed a new RRP Grant Agreement with the Portuguese Government, in the scope of the Mobilizing Agendas for Business Innovation in Portugal.

Project title:
Bio-Hub -National R&D, Production, Marketing and Distribution Platform for Innovative Biopharmaceuticals

Project code: 28

Region of intervention: Lisbon

Beneficiary entities:

Approval date: 22/07/2022

Start date: 02/01/2023

End date: 31/12/2025

Total eligible cost: 35 167 058,56 €

Regional public financial support:

Objectives, activities and expected results:
The Bio-Hub consortium, led by LX Bio in partnership with the other co-promoters, aims to increase the horizon for the development and production of innovative biological medicines, conducting clinical trials last phases, performing the registration, marketing and distribution (export) of these drugs from Portugal, and maintaining the decision center in Portugal. This strategy will increase the exportation volume of high added value products and the promotion of highly qualified employment, allowing the development of skills in Portugal to compete, globally, in a strategic sector.