The History of the Pharmacy Library of its foundation in 1920.

  • 1920
    Foundation of the Library (IMAGE OF THE CASTELINHO)
  • 1946
    1st major inventory of its bibliographic collection with the allocation of a record number to all items (IMAGE OF THE DATE AND ACQUISITION STAMP)
  • 1974
    Publication of the weekly list of subscribed or donated periodicals begins.
  • 1988
    Cooperation with Porbase - National Base of Bibliographic Data - begins, with the submission of the first set of records.
  • 1989
    Library catalogue computerised, the first University of Lisbon library to do so (IMAGE OF THE PORBASE COVER).
  • 1991
    integration of titles and stocks of periodicals in the Bibliographic Catalogue of the Health Area of APDIS - Health Library Association (IMAGE OF PRINTED CATALOGUE).
  • 1992
    Subscribed to computer disk version of Medline, IPA and Current Contents (IMAGE OF DISK).
  • 1993
    Subscribed to DrugDex Database; signed official agreement with Porbase - National Library of Portugal’s Bibliographic Database.
  • 1994
    Publication of the Faculty of Pharmacy Library Bibliographic Bulletin (ISSN 0870-2969) begins.
  • 1995
    Subscribed to CD-ROM Micromedex, Current Contents and IPA databases; Start of assisted bibliographical research, supported by specialised technicians; Inclusion of the first group of students into the library's work team.
  • 1997
    Library moves from Castelinho to the New Building (PHOTOGRAPH OF NEW BUILDING).
  • 1998
    Library Open Access available in the New Building (IMAGE outside and inside LIBRARY). Library’s first web page published (IMAGE OF THE WEBSITE).
  • 2001
    Migration of bibliographic data from Porbase and creation of the University of Lisbon Collective Catalogue; Home loans provided via Bar Code scan (IMAGE OF THE LOAN SHEET).
  • 2002
    Subscribed to LAO - the APDIS Online List, which contains all nationally published periodical health publications (IMAGE OF LIST).
  • 2003
    First Library and Information Services Activities Report published (IMAGE OF THE REPORT).
  • 2004
    First Library and Information Services Internal Regulations published (IMAGE of COVER); Launch of B-On - Knowledge Library Online, made available by the FCT (B-on IMAGE).
  • 2005
    Launch "Dynamic Library” project; Collaboration between the Library and 2nd-year Masters.
  • 2006
    Start of training offered by the Library in collaboration with the Internship Centre.
  • 2007
    Pilot project to begin the integration of records in the Institutional Repository, DeGóis and Digitool, and the UL digital library; (IMAGE Repository); Creation of Library and Information Services corporate image and logo and webpage renewal (IMAGE bff in 3 colours).
  • 2009
    Integration of training in curricular units.
  • 2010
    Start of Library-developed activities linked to Open Access week (IMAGE).
  • 2011
    Library Facebook page launched (IMAGE).
  • 2013
    Start of "Memory & Patrimony”, which collects, catalogues and stores digital records of old documentary, scientific and technical materials (IMAGE).
  • 2015
    User training protocol agreed by the Faculty of Pharmacy (FFUL) and Faculty of Medicine (FMUL) libraries.
  • 2016
    Implementation of the new National Library of Medicine (NLM) classification and new signs (IMAGE OF READING ROOM).
  • 2018
    A Biblioteca assinala os 20 Anos no novo edifício da FFULisboa
  • 2019
    New inventory of the bibliographic collection, containing a total of 18,570 titles.
  • 2020
    5 de Novembro - Assinatura de contrato de doação da Farmácia Popular, entre o proprietário Prof. José Cabrita e a FFUL
  • 2021
    Migração dos dados bibliográficos do Sistema Aleph para o KOHA - Software de Gestão Integrada das Bibliotecas da ULisboa.