Special Collections

This exhibit of 19th-century drug plants kept in mainly sealed glass containers is properly organized and exhibited in its own cabinets.

Temporary exhibitions that are part of the Library’s larger project consisting of a survey of and future cataloguing and digital recording of old documentary, scientific and technical materials. Of interest to the Pharmaceutical Sciences and capable of creating a patrimonial and historical image of the Faculty of Pharmacy, this process began in March 2013 with the collection of objects in their original context until such time as they can be presented in an exhibition that will be open to the public.

Dating from the 20th century and exhibited in various locations throughout the Faculty and Library, this exhibition includes old glassware and instruments, laboratory equipment and furniture, as well as used medical packaging and pharmaceutical formulations.

Older print collection, exhibited in the Library and in the Faculty and which includes both the Diários da República (government gazettes), formerly Diários do Governo, and the Ancient Book.