Master in Regulation and Evaluation of Medicines and Health Products

Industrial Organization and Patents



Learning outcomes

The course covers the basic valuation concepts, such as intellectual property law, invention protection, pharmaceutical governance and innovation, which are then applied to the valuation of a pharmaceutical product. In this part, we also examine how firms should make value-creating investment decisions and how one should use the Intellectual Property Law strategy to value a product. Procedures for obtaining a patent (i.e., definition of the invention: drafting of the description and claims, procedure of filling an application).


Key capital IP concepts covered in this course include:
Filing an application
The Patent protection
Patent Attorneys role
National Law and International Treaties
Patent Law Harmonization

Key corporate management concepts covered in this course include:
The innovation Value and corporate investment decisions
Company valuation trough the IP strategies
Pipeline Management and investment decisions
Expansion strategies
Regulatory aspects meeting IP issues for product valuation
Risk estimation on drug innovation