Master in Food Quality and Health

Water Quality for Human Consumption



Learning outcomes

The student will be able to discuss water problems related to different water matrices (surface water, groundwater and water for human consumption) and must to select the best methodology for each water quality parameter according to these different matrices. Knowledge of the adverse effects of each substance or microorganism must be present in the evaluation of a water analysis report. The quality control and validation results are analytical tools that students will easily use in routine.


National and European legislation governing the quality of water for human consumption. Water classification and its use for the production of water for human consumption.
Treatment of water for human consumption.
Water sampling, handling and preservation techniques.
Water quality: water uses depending on its quality parameters, water quality for human consumption, expression of results and classification of quality parameters in groups.
Main xenobiotics in water. Endocrine Disrupters.
Monitoring the results of a water analysis.
Gastrointestinal disease or other water borne diseases and cases directly linked to the water supply. Water for the preparation of food products.

Laboratory program: Analysis of water for human consumption.