Master in Biopharmaceutical Sciences




Learning Outcomes

After attending the course students should be able to:

1) Understand the basic principles of human genetics and heredity;

2) Understand and discuss how genetic variability in genes encoding drug metabolizing enzymes and drug transporting proteins can contribute to variability in drug disposition;

3) Understand and discuss how genetic variability in genes encoding drug targets leading to changes in pharmacodynamics and clinical outcome;

4) Discuss impact of Pharmacogenetics in different therapeutic areas;

5) Apply Pharmacogenetics concepts to a particular drug therapy to solve relevant problems in pharmaceutical care;

6) Identify key sources and reliable databases with Pharmacogenetics knowledge base;

7) Critically evaluate the current and future literature in the area of Pharmacogenetics.


Lectures will discuss contemporary relevant problems in Pharmacogenetics and the technical approaches to their solution.

Practical Teaching
Practical courses will allow the student to critically discuss and provide solutions to theoretical and experimental problems related to the course topics, by using bioinformatics tools and on-line databases.

Laboratory Teaching
The techniques used to analyze and identify genetic polymorphisms will also be discussed, and addressed in laboratory classes.