Integrated Master in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Pharmaceutical Technology III



Learning outcomes

The student will develop skills for drug development applying concepts of modern Pharmaceutical Technology. It is important to highlight the development and quality control of parenteral formulations, including the understanding of concepts underlying the different administration routes, manufacturing process, packing materials and sterilization processes. At the end of this curricular unit, the students should understand the development of new medicinal products and generics, including the management of the scale-up processes, materials, facilities and equipment. The student should gain skills for the pharmaceutical development of advanced delivery systems able to promote the delivery of biomolecules across biological barriers.


This course is divided in different subjects:
1. Sterile Pharmaceutical dosage forms (parenteral administration and ophthalmic application; preparation and quality control; sterilization and freeze-drying processes). 2. Drug stability. 3. Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP). 4. Authorization of medicinal products. 5. Advanced drug delivery systems.