Integrated Master in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Pharmaceutical Technology I



Learning outcomes

This course is the first one directed to solid dosage forms based on the understanding of solid state properties, the need and advantage of the manufacture of solid dosage forms, namely powders, granules, tablets and coats. Students are required to establish relationships between the physiological characteristics of patients (paediatrics) and properties of drugs with the design, development and production of the proper dosage form. It is also aimed that students understand the design, development, production and quality control techniques and product attributes at molecular, bulk and finished product. Therefore, the subjects in the course are presented from the production of particles (crystal and particle engineering), their transformation by unit operations for the preparation of dosage forms which are packaged and the overall processes controlled by compendial techniques and new analytical techniques in process (PAT) on the grounds of product design based on quality (QbD).


The course is divided in modules as follows: Unit operations; characterization of particles size and shape (measuring techniques and presentation of data); powder rheology; agglomeration and aggregation of particles (techniques and technologies of granulation, fundamentals and practical applications); compression and physics of compression; experimental design and evaluation of results; process analytical technologies (PAT); drug encapsulation (hard and soft capsules); coating of solid dosage forms (film and sugar coating and coating by compression and agglomeration of particles); primary and secondary packaging; analytical techniques in the pharmacopoeia, namely dissolution test; monitoring of transit time of dosage forms in the gastrointestinal tract; strategies for the oral administration of drugs for each and all organ in the digestive tract; crystal and particles engineering; production of solid dosage forms for paediatrics; counterfeit medicines.