Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry II
This module is at the interface of chemistry and biology, and is designed to provide you with the latest advances in hot topics related to drug discovery: target identification using chemical probes and proteomics, and development of functionalized biodrugs such as proteins and oligonucleotides.
Structural Identification  
Elucidation of chemical structures is routinely performed in pharma R&D and is required by regulatory authorities when introducing new medicines in the market. This course covers nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and mass spectrometry in context of identifying organic compounds.  
Drug Synthesis              
This module provides you with the knowledge required to design efficient synthetic routes for new drugs. It covers retrosynthetic analysis, synthesis of cyclic compounds and asymmetric synthesis. This course counts with the involvement of industry experts.
Natural Products   
Drug discovery relies on natural products to find new chemical structures with novel biological activities. This module will guide you through the research strategies to discovery lead compounds from natural sources.
Drug Stability          
Drug stability studies are mandatory before any drug or medicine reach the market. Here you will learn the major degradation pathways and how to design drug stability studies in the context of the pharma industry. This course counts with the involvement of industry experts.
In this module you will learn how to use scientific information sources to develop a review on a topic related to medicinal chemistry.
iMedChem is a 2-year MSc program encompassing one year of curricular courses and a second year of a research project.
Introduction to Pharmaceutical Sciences  
This module delivers the basics of drug action. It covers the administration and route of drugs in the body, the physicochemical determinants of drug activity and pharmacokinetics, and innovation in the pharmaceutical industry.
Organic Chemistry                                                             
Widening your knowledge on chemical reactivity will enable you to design and synthesize new molecules, as well as to understand their mode of action.  
Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry I  
The module deals with the first principles of drug discovery, drug metabolism, and the design of drugs that target enzymes and nucleic acids.
Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry
Radiopharmaceuticals are widely used in nuclear medicine, both for diagnostic and therapy. You will learn how to design, prepare and use this unique class of compounds.  
Molecular Modeling
Computational methodologies are at the core of the drug discovery process. This module will deal with the state-of-the-art computer assisted drug design methods and strategies.
This module presents the basic principles of drug toxic effects and quantitative toxicological assessment. It addresses risk assessment processes, biomarkers of exposure, methods to determine organ and non-organ toxicity.